Cheese Delivery to Your Home

Having artisan gourmet cheese delivered by top online cheese shops curated by talented cheesemongers has been trending up for years now. We should know. We’ve been delivering traditionally-made, artisan and farmhouse cheeses from around the world to our customers for over 20 years. Whether you want to shop for yourself or give the gift of signature, classic interpretations of time-honored cheeses, we can help.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that every item you purchase at The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club meets your high standards or we’ll replace it, or refund your purchase. There’s little risk, but so much to gain as you explore and discover cheeses you wouldn't easily find on your own since we buy each from its place of origin… We look for Leicester from English farms with small herds of pedigree Holstein cows and Brie from the Île-de-France, north of Paris. We’ve stood the test of time since 1994 and been recommended by Esquire, Fortune, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal by focusing on quality and value. Testimonials and Reviews.

group of gourmet cheeses group of gourmet cheeses

Choose Between Two Distinct Cheese Clubs

1. The Original Gourmet Cheese Club

Monthly cheese boxes include three different hand-crafted artisan cheeses made from natural and pure, quality ingredients, along with our monthly newsletter including cheese profiles, detailed tasting notes, cheesemaker histories, serving suggestions and recipes.

Each featured cheese is cut to order from blocks or wheels the same day that it’s shipped. We also hand-wrap each item in deli paper to allow it to breathe. It’s quite labor intensive, but we know you’ll appreciate the difference it makes. Order gift memberships from 2-12 months or treat yourself to a personal membership and cancel at any time. All memberships can be shipped monthly, every other month, quarterly, or in specific months.

2. The Rare Cheese Club

When only the best will do, Rare Cheese Club™ members and gift recipients are shipped three artisan, small batch cheeses made from only the best, and often rare ingredients. Our cheesemonger selections are extremely limited-production, hand-cut, extended-aged and fresh rare cheeses from traditional age-old recipes.

Many featured cheeses are made from scarce, expensive milks from animals that are 100% grass fed, often by farmsteads that produce both the milk and cheese to ensure the freshest milk possible. You’ll also get cheese profiles, tasting notes, cheesemaker histories, serving and pairing suggestions.

Order Online for quickest cheese delivery. Or you may also chat, email, or call us at 800-625-8238.