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The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club

Michelle Zukoff
The cheese of the month club was the best gift I've ever recieved!

I have always been a huge cheese lover, but didn't realize that a cheese of the month club even existed until my husband bought it for my birthday one year. I waited anxiously each month for my delicious cheese to arrive so I could try something new and different. I loved trying all the different flavors and types, and really enjoyed reading about each cheese in the newsletter. Not only did the cheese taste amazing, but it was really fun to learn about the history of the cheese and the various food pairings. On occasion, I invited friends over for a cheese and wine night so they too could taste delish cheeses from around the world; they were always very impressed. The cheese of the month club was the best gift I've ever received!

Michelle Z., TX

Erica Cohen
I would recommend this gift to any foodie, cheesie or adventurer that you know!

I was the lucky recipient of a Cheese of the Month membership for my birthday. For six months, a culinary adventure was delivered to my door once a month and I was never disappointed. There were cheeses from all over the world - some new twists on old favorites, some totally new to me and some of the most delicious cheese I have ever had. In addition, customer service could not have been nicer or more accommodating. I learned so much about cheese - my preferences, different types and the history of so many favorites, and I would recommend this gift to any foodie, cheesie or adventurer that you know!

Erica Cohen, NY

Jean Heaton
This most recent shipment had me so excited...

Knowing that I'm never one to bypass a good cheese counter, my husband decided it was time to get me a cheese of the month membership for Christmas. This most recent shipment, which included one of my favorite cheeses (Brie), had me so excited that I threw a little cheese and wine party. Before my guests arrived I finally decided (after 5 years), it was time to unwrap and open the marble cheese tray I was given as a wedding gift to showcase these beautiful cheeses. So attached is a picture of me showing off my fabulous cheese tray and the cheeses of March!

Jean Heaton, NY

Andre Preoteasa
We love learning about the cheeses and discovering new favorites.

My wife gave me the Cheese of the Month membership for a Christmas present last year and it has been the tastiest present ever! Every month when we get the cheeses, we dig into them immediately on french baguette alongside wine. We love learning about the cheeses and discovering new favorites. I love finding a cheese I had hitherto written off as plain and boring, such as a gouda or chedder. And I love discovering new cheeses that have stayed a staple since first being introduced, such as limburger. Best of all, we share these cheeses with the littlest cheese lover in our family, Ellie. No wine for her, though!

Andre Preoteasa, NJ

Having a neat variety of cheeses delivered to our door is a great experience.

Words can't express how excited our house gets when our monthly cheese arrives. We open bottles of wine, invite neighbors over, and take turns closing our eyes and guessing the region of cheese by scent alone. My wife got us the cheese membership to supplement date night and it has really saved our marriage. We've even noticed that our kids are doing better in school! Having a neat variety of cheeses delivered to our door is a great experience. The portions are generous, the newsletters describing the cheeses and suggested pairings are clearly thought out, and the price is really reasonable. I've recommended the membership to many friends and look forward to many more years as a member!

Matt & Amy Hale, CA

Thank you cheese of the month club, you make the third week of the month truly delicious!

I have only been a cheese of the month club member for two months, but I am already hooked! I loved cheese before I became a member and now I love cheese even more. After eating campus food for the most part, receiving this gourmet cheese in the mail every month is delightful. A few days before my cheeses arrive I get so excited--and so do my roommates! Thank you cheese of the month club, you make the third week of the month truly delicious!

Brianna, VA

Victoria Swider
Thank you for such a high-quality product.

As a Christmas gift last year, my husband and I received a membership to the Cheese of the Month Club. We anxiously awaited our first shipment, unsure of what to expect. To our delight, all of your cheeses have been utterly delectable and we are also pleased with the informative accompanying newsletter, especially the tasting notes. We now plan meals and social get-togethers around our cheese shipments! Thank you for such a high-quality product.

Victoria Swider, IN

Beth & Lanning Brandel
He is super excited each time the cheeses come in...

Here is my husband, Lanny, enjoying your latest shipment of cheeses. Our daughter, Laura, gave him the a three month gift for Christmas. On his 60th birthday in March, she continued the tradition by extending it another three months, then came Father's Day in June and she continued it another three months. She is now trying to figure out how to gift the last three months of the year! I must tell you that he is super excited each time the cheeses come in. We have a little wine and cheese sampling party and rate them.

Beth & Lanning Brandel, NY

We have so much fun experiencing our cheese when it arrives...

My husband, Freddie, loves cheese so much that my nickname for him is "Cheese". He was so excited that I got him the membership to your cheese club for his 30th birthday! We have so much fun experiencing our cheese when it arrives... but what makes it even more fun is that our 14-month-old, Kass, loves all of the different cheeses even more than we do!

Tiffany W., SC.

Thank you for bringing a world of cheese to our doorstep every month!

Our house is full of cheese lovers, but none more enthusiastic than 5 year old Sofia. Thank you for bringing a world of cheese to our doorstep every month!

Kristin & Emmanual D., CA

Jensen and Baxter
The tasting and pairing suggestions that come with the shipments are perfect.

We look forward to our cheese shipments and plan not just meals, but events around them. The quality of the cheese is superb. The tasting and pairing suggestions that come with the shipments are perfect. We enjoy reading about the history of the cheeses during our celebrations. And yes, that's what our membership has become for us.....celebrations of great food and wonderful friendships.

The Jensen and Baxter-Rubach Families, CA

Daniel Kolodziej
MonthlyClubs.com is the BEST monthly club service.

MonthlyClubs.com is the BEST monthly club service. Friendly customer service coupled with well selected quality products is a winning combination that you can count on from this company. I have ordered both the wine and cheese of the month clubs for my foodie snob parents and even they were impressed. I enjoy the variety and surprises I find in each delivery. I always look forward to opening the box and discovering new civilizations of food and drink. I feel like I have traveled the world from my dining room table. Now if only I could get it to fly!

Daniel Kolodziej, CA

... that Ig Vella Dry Jack you sent in December was so good! I think it's been my favorite so far. I think it's so interesting that it comes from such a small farm, and that each cow has a name! That's one of the reasons why I like your service so much. You support small farmers and cheesemakers all around the world who have handed down their knowledge from generation to generation. It's obvious that they take pride in what they're making because everything you've sent so far has been far superior to what I used to think of as a "good" cheese..

Tracey A., PA

I rarely take the time to write to a company to tell them that they're doing a great job. I had the pleasure of speaking to Lindsay the other day when I couldn't figure out how to place my order. She was so helpful and well informative about the club that I got really excited about the gift I was buying and ended up trying the club myself too! I've been on board for 3 months now and have been blown away with your selections. I called back to thank Lindsay and she asked if I could put it on paper for a testimonial section on the web site, so here you go! Bottom line? It's a quality product and they deliver very flavorful, rare cheeses and I've never tried anything like them before.

Susan W., MO

My parents are absolutely delighted with their Cheese of the Month gifts--and they have very good taste. I'm happy to let you know that they are impressed with the variety and quality of the cheeses they're receiving each month, and they've actually requested that this be their Christmas gift every year! Aaah! Relief. I've found something that pleases two people who have everything... I'll never again have to worry about what to give them.

Suzanne C. CA

... very impressed with the level of knowledge that your employees have. David told me more than I would ever want to know about cheese and when I later emailed a question to you about how to store the cheese, I got a very detailed and thorough full page back on how to care for our shipments. Overall, I'm very impressed with both your customer service and of course the selections! They're always very unusual and tasty.

Adam B., IL

... My boyfriend and I broke up over your Cheese Club! (Only for 24 hours). I love the cheeses that we get from your club and he's so stingy about them that we got into a big fight over it! He said that I was eating the shipments before he had a chance to try them, but he just takes too long and I can't help myself! My Mom used to call me "mouse" growing up so maybe that has something to do with it. I thought you would appreciate that story. Somebody is doing an OUTSTANDING job selecting the cheeses and writing the newsletters too.

Ursula H, CA

I bought your service for my sister last Christmas because she's a big cheese fan, and I can never figure out what to get her. I think she returns most of my gifts anyway! I was so surprised when she called me up after she had received the first month and said how ecstatic she was to get such gourmet cheeses. She said she never knew I was that creative! She called me again this month when she got her second shipment. Guess I don't have to worry about what to get her anymore. Thanks for the cool gift idea. refrigerator!

Daniel T., CA

... Two Words... Flavor Packed! I've never tasted such cheeses. The flavors are so concentrated. It blows me away. And just as I was wondering why this is, you explained in the newsletter that it's because the cheeses that you send are allowed to breath and as water evaporates off them, the flavor becomes more intense. Very cool.

Jake G., TN

... got your club for my birthday this year and have to say, it's one of the best gifts anyone's ever given me. I really get excited about my box showing up each month. My FedX driver said he could actually smell the cheese coming out of the box one month! I'm really enjoying the variety that you send from month to month. I don't think I've ever received any two cheeses that were very similar.

Kim C., MA

My mother got me this membership for my birthday and at first I thought, "what the heck was she thinking?!" But I must confess, I've really enjoyed trying such rare cheeses each month. That Stilton you sent was killer, FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING! I'm going to tell her to renew the membership for Christmas...

Dana M., KS

We gave your club to our manager Marion last Christmas and she hasn't' stopped talking about it since! Marion says she never knew that cheeses like these existed, and after reading the newsletters, she is thinking about taking her vacation in Europe to do some more "on location" tasting. You might find this funny. She also said there's only one thing about the club that makes her feel bad. She feels guilty about hording the cheeses! She actually talks about the cheeses for a couple days each month after getting her shipment! So perhaps we should get another club membership for the staff to taste!

Stephen D. TX

... I was pretty much a Kraft American cheese sandwich kind of guy, but I guess I ate enough of the stuff to have my Mom take notice because she gave me a gift membership to your club for one of my graduation presents. At first I thought that was kind of a weird gift, but I've really been digging the stuff. The farmhouse cheddar was the best! I'm going to sell her on the beer club next...

Alan A., CA

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Here at the Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club, we work to guarantee that our customers are completely satisfied with our selections of artisanal cheeses. We think that the testimonials shown here speak for themselves, and we hope that you’ll be just as satisfied with a membership to our club.

Don’t forget - our cheese club isn’t the only monthly subscription box that we offer. We’d like you to read more messages from happy customers of our other clubs, and think about combining your membership with our Design Your Own Club™ program!

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