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Wine and Cheese of the Month Club Pairings

At MonthlyClubs.com®, we believe in giving our customers the ability to create a club built around their personal preferences and tastes. While there are many combination possibilities using our six monthly clubs, none are combined into one order as often as our Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club and The International Wine of the Month Club!

With our Design Your Own Club™ program, you can quickly and easily pair our hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses with estate-bottled wines, like the excellent red wines featured in our new Bold Reds Wine Club. Plus, you can set your own shipping schedule, skip any club in any given month, choose to receive wine one month and cheese the next, or receive both clubs in the same month! How you decide to create your own custom wine and cheese club is completely up to you. And, unlike a wine gift basket, this is a gift that keeps on giving every month.

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Cheese and Wine Pairings

For true cheese and wine aficionados, few things beat pairing bold, flavorful cheeses with the perfect wine. When you combine your Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club membership with The International Wine of the Month Club, you’ll receive estate-bottled, limited-run wines that perfectly complement handmade, high-quality artisanal cheeses crafted by the world’s finest traditional cheesemakers.

Traditions, customs, and cultured palates from around the world, many dating long before the rise of the Roman Empire, have married cheeses with wines and wonderful breads for thousands of years. Though each culture has its own way of pairing cheese and wines, the best rule is to eat them in whatever way you find appeals to your unique tastes. However, the Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club would like to provide some more specific wine and cheese guidelines for your consideration:


Cheese Wine Pairing Info
ALL WHITE WINES Most white wines may be served with almost any cheese
RIND CHEESES RED WINES OR DRY CHAMPAGNE The most complementary reds for bloomy rind cheeses are fruity and light, or try a dry Champagne for a sophisticated choice
MEDIUM TO HARD CHEESES WHITE & RED FRUITY WINES White, fresh, medium to hard cheeses are delightful with crisp, fruity wines... both red and white
GOAT CHEESES DRY REDS If you love goat cheese, try filling your glass with dry reds
CREAMY CHEESES FULL-BODIED WINES Smooth, creamy cheeses cry out for full bodied wines
CHEDDAR CHEESES SWEET WINES If you are serving sweet wines, go for cheddar

Everyone's tastes are different, but if you’re looking to try excellent goat cheeses with dry reds, match your favorite hard cheese with a fruit-forward white wine, or simply want to try out something completely new at your next wine and cheese party, rely on a wine and cheese of the month club subscription from MonthlyClubs.com to satisfy your palate.

Cheese and Wine Club Promo Codes and Discounts

If you want to create your own wine and cheese of the month club, but would like to save a little bit on your monthly shipments, then look no further! MonthlyClubs.com proudly offers wine of the month club promo codes and cheese of the month club discounts for all of our members. Simply visit our coupon page, find the right code for your shipment, and apply it when you create your membership using our Design Your Own Club™ program. It's that easy!

Read about our artisanal cheese selection process and how our wine club works to develop an understanding of what it takes to deliver the world's best wines and cheese directly to your door.

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