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Cheese and Wine Pairing

Pairing Cheese and Wine

Traditions, customs, and cultured palates – dating long before the Roman Empire – marry cheeses with wines and wonderful breads too. We like to serve our cheeses with ciders and microbrewed beers as well. Check out our International Wine of the Month Club and Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.

The best rule is to eat it that way if you like it that way, but here are some more specific wine and cheese guidelines for your consideration:

  • Most white wines may be served with almost any cheese
  • The most complementary reds for bloomy rind cheeses are fruity and light, or try a dry Champagne for a sophisticated choice
  • White, fresh, medium to hard cheeses are delightful with crisp, fruity wines... both red and white
  • If you love goat cheese, try filling your glass with dry reds
  • Smooth, creamy cheeses cry out for full bodied wines
  • If you are serving sweet wines, go for cheddar

Consider combining our wine club with our cheese club to create one of many really fun Wine and Cheese Gift Ideas, or call us at (800) 625-8238.

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