Cheese Texture/Type:


Cheese Milk Type:

Cow, Sheep, Goat

Cheese Age:

3 months

Tronchón hails from the stunningly picturesque region of northeastern Spain, in a small village of the same name. Made for centuries, Tronchón was even mentioned in Don Quixote not once, but twice. At first look of the cheese you’ll notice the unique rind which resembles a doughnut in size and appearance with an indentation in the middle. We tried investigating why the cheese is in this shape, but as this cheese is centuries old, the shape will have to remain a mystery. The other unique aspect of this cheese is that it’s made with three different kinds of milk: cow, goat, and sheep, giving Tronchón a distinct flavor profile. While not as popular as its cousin Manchego, in Spain you’ll find this cheese at just about every cheese counter.

As mentioned previously, this cheese is made of pasteurized cow, goat, and sheep milks, then aged for at least three months. This results in a semi-soft cheese that has a smooth and creamy texture. One might imagine that consisting of three different milks would make this cheese on the stronger side, but it’s the exact opposite with it being on the mild side and having flavors similar to buttermilk, making it an ideal companion for your cheese board.

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