Sant Gil d’Albió - Garrotxa

Sant Gil d’Albió - Garrotxa



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2 months

Arguably the most iconic cheese being made in in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Spain’s Catalonia region, Garrotxa, also known as Pell Florida, is a firm cheese produced from the milk of Murciana goats and aged in caves for two months. Garrotxa had a close call and was for the most part extinct in the late 1970s when a number of younger, eager cheesemakers formed a cooperative and began producing it again in the Garrotxa area of Catalonia in 1981.

Cheesemaker Josep Martí crafts Garrotxa in Albió, a small town perched on top of a hill. Sant Gil d'Albió, originally founded by Josep’s father Nati Ninot, is a small family owned and operated dairy that has been producing artisan cheeses for more than 30 years. A truly nano artisan cheese producer with only 12 employees, the family specializes in making matured goat cheeses from Murcian goats, known to produce a dense, rich, high fat content, aromatic milk.

Garrotxa de Sant Gil d’Albió is a subtle charmer, offering a delicate tartness that balances the milk’s sweetness nicely. The aroma offers cooked curds, dank cave-like notes, and herbs. The paste is a brilliant white and the rustic rind has a suede-like texture and distinctive gray mold, which makes the rind not ideal for eating. Look for a long, smooth finish hinting of nuts and herbs. This mild cheese is a solid table cheese and will be a great addition to any cheese board. We’d suggest crumbling it over salads, eating it with a crusty farmhouse bread with nuts and pears, or adding it to cooked recipes to lighten any dish. It will also pair nicely with Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, or a Sparkling Ale such as CaliCraft Brewing Company’s Reserve Series Rosé, made with Zinfandel Must & Raspberries and featured in The Rare Beer Club.

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