Roth Cheese – Moody Blue

Roth Cheese – Moody Blue


United States

Cheese Texture/Type:

Semi-Firm; blue

Cheese Milk Type:


Founded in 1863, Roth Cheese is a Wisconsin-based family owned and operated dairy that’s been crafting award-winning artisan cheeses for more than 150 years. Roth is proudly inspired by their Swiss heritage, producing cheeses from locally sourced fresh milk, always 100% hormone free. They are, and have always been, a hands-on operation during every step of the cheesemaking process, from cutting the curd, washing the rind, and hand-rubbing herbs and spices.

Moody Blue is a bold, yet approachable classic blue which will resonate with many people. Roth likes to boast that it consistently turns blue cheese skeptics into connoisseurs and blue cheese lovers into diehards. It’s crafted in small batches with fresh raw milk from local Holstein and Jersey cows.

Smoked over fruit woods, this blue is super creamy and offers mouthwatering smoky, mellow, earthy flavors with a soft, creamy finish as the cheese seems to almost evaporate on your tongue. This blue is great paired with smoked meats or melted on a juicy steak or cheeseburger. It will round out any cheese plate and is a nice addition to salads too. We love it with roasted vegetables. Moody Blue will pair well with Merlot or a bold Zinfandel like the 2014 Pedroncelli Mother Clone Dry Creek Zinfandel featured in The International Wine of the Month Club’s Premier Series. Roasted porters and imperial stouts will work well with this cheese, too.

International Variety of Cheeses

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You might receive a Gaperon, originating in France during the 14th Century, an
authentic Lancashire by Ruth Kirkham, and an Italian Taleggio matured in the
caves of Valsassina…all in one shipment!