Pont L'Eveque

Pont L'Eveque



Cheese Texture/Type:

Soft; Washed Rind

Cheese Milk Type:


Cheese Age:

4-6 weeks

Pont L’Eveque has a story that dates back to the thirteenth century. Surviving texts of the time specifically mention Angelot, the cheese from which Pont L’Eveque was developed. In 1263 A.D., Guillaume de Lorris proclaimed in his book Roman de la Rose that a good table wine always finishes with a dessert of Angelot. Later—in the capable hands of Norman farmers—Angelot slowly became the cheese we now know as Pont L’Eveque.

“Pont” is “bridge” in French and this cheese is named after a bridge in a small seaside town between the Norman towns of Liseux and Deauville in Northwestern France. During the 1600's, the cheese was sent from this port all over France where its rich, creamy flavor and supple consistency was greatly admired. The Port L’Eveque rind is edible, and when consumed along with the cheese, contributes to the full-bodied flavor that many enjoy. Some claim the cheese’s bouquet is reminiscent of the countryside of Normandy. The scent does have a strong character. Ditto its flavor, so this cheese is for true cheese aficionados which, of course, most club members are. A red wine of similar full body partners nicely with this cheese and, in particular, complements and balances the full flavor imparted by the rind. For those who may wish to tone down the bouquet, we suggest a nice flowery rosé. In whatever manner you choose to work this delicacy into your menu, we hope you appreciate this cheese for what it is—one of the world's most ancient and long-treasured cheeses.

Pont L’Eveque is similar to a camembert, but the rind is washed before aging with a brine solution. This gives the square-shaped cheese a much more pronounced flavor and a rustic, farmyard aroma. It is particularly well suited to full bodied red wines.

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