Mycella Blue

Mycella Blue



Cheese Texture/Type:

Semi-soft; Blue

Cheese Milk Type:


Cheese Age:

4 months

Mycella Blue hails from the Baltic Sea on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. This unique 600 square kilometer island is known for its hours of sunshine and diverse landscape, as well as its unique culture and history. In fact, it’s the only place in Denmark where you can walk out on jagged granite coastline and pure white sandy beaches all in one day! Bornholm also features ancient carvings, round churches, smoke houses and cuisine unique to the island, such as Sol Over Gudhjem which is an open sandwich with dark Danish rye-bread, smoked herring, onions, chives, a raw egg yolk (the "sun") on top, and of course, Mycella Blue cheese.

The cheese itself is unique to Bornholm as it’s made with cow’s milk only from the island’s dairy co-operatives, which gives the cheese a distinct flavor. Once the milk curds are drained and molded, the cheese is then pierced liberally to encourage the blue mold to grow.

Known as the Danish Gorgonzola, this blue has a similar tasting profile but is milder, creamier, and sweeter than a traditional gorgonzola, making it perfect for people who tend to shy away from strong cheeses. Aged for four months, this cheese is incredibly versatile: add it to salads or homemade salad dressing, pastas, pizzas, or pair it with sweet fruits such as strawberries. To enjoy the full flavor of the Mycella, make sure that the cheese comes to room temperature.

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