Mirabo Brie with Walnut

Mirabo Brie with Walnut



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45 days

The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club is proud to bring you a unique, sophisticated cheese from Germany—Mirabo Walnut. Its exclusive blossom shape, with fine white mold, gives Mirabo its unmistakable appearance. Mirabo Walnut is a cheese with little history as far as we know, but it sure is tasty! Käserei Champignon of Bavaria, Germany introduced this soft-ripened cheese made with cows' milk and crème fraiche. Walnut Mirabo has a center that is soft and creamy with the finest crushed walnuts speckled throughout. Käserei Champignon is a family-owned business founded by Julius Hirschle and Leopold Immler a century ago. In 1908, they gained acclaim for their special mushroom Camembert, which today has become a staple for many cheese boards. The business headquarters and main production plant is located in Heising, in the pristine countryside of the Bavarian Alps. It is here that their free grazing cows enjoy the plush green valleys conducive to producing their rich Bavarian milk. Combine their cheese-making heritage (handed down over the generations), the latest in advanced technology, and an inordinate dedication to quality, and you have Käserei Champignon, an internationally recognized leader in the industry. Mirabo Walnut is actually a German interpretation of Brie. Most varieties are made with pasteurized milk, some with added cream. All of them are soft, velvety cheeses with mild, but pleasantly sophisticated, flavors. They are allowed to ripen naturally in the traditional manner – from rind to the center – until they reach the pinnacle of perfection. Enjoy Mirabo Walnut and other German Bries at peak flavor by unwrapping them to let the cheeses breathe and come to room temperature.
Made in the fertile land of Bavaria, this brie style cheese with walnuts is delicate and ripened to a soft consistency. Its unique shape and presentation really set it apart on a cheese board, and its delicate flavor is sure to please. Serve it with many of the excellent German Rieslings and Gewürztraminers. As with all classic Bries, Mirabo Walnut is outstanding with a full-bodied white wine such as Ruländer or Morio-Muscat, or with a smooth, elegant red wine such as Blauburgunder or Bordeaux. This nouveau cheese is out of this world as a dessert cheese. Serve it with honey drizzled on the top and your choice of fruit on the side.
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