Mimolette (Boule de Lille)

Mimolette (Boule de Lille)



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12-18 months

Traditionally made near the city of Lille, France, Mimolette was originally made at the request of King Louis XIV to replace Dutch Edam cheese which he himself banned in Flanders. So the French reproduced Edam, but with a few twists of their own to make it distinct, seasoning it with annatto which gives Mimolette its nutty, sweet flavor and unique orange hue.

The first thing you’ll note about this aged sheep’s milk cheese is its iconic visually striking bright orange paste. It truly looks like a round cantaloupe melon after you break it open. It's aged anywhere from 2-24 months, though typically at least 12 months. The Mimolette we chose for you has been aged about 14 months. Responsible for the pock mark holes all over the surface that help the cheese to ripen over time, mites or 'Little Affineurs' as the French call them, are critical to this cheese’s flavor development.

Mimolette is a very hard cheese, but the fudgy paste becomes smooth and creamy when eaten. Its intensely nutty flavor also offers slight fruity/pineapple notes with just the right amount of saltiness to balance the butterscotch sweet notes. This cheese shows well on a cheese board and will pair nicely with pale ales or rustic red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Quarts de Chaume.

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