Lou Bergier Pichin

Lou Bergier Pichin



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60 days

Many may not be familiar with Occitania, a region which stretches from northern Spain across southern France and Monaco, and finishes at the Occitan Valleys in the northwestern Alps of Italy. Lou Bergier Pichin is made here in Piemonte, Italy in the beautiful Occitan Alps. The Occitan language is still used today in those areas and Lou Bergier translates to “small mountain shepherd,” which pays tribute to Nonna Magno, the grandfather of producer Mario Fiandino. Using the same traditions as his grandfather, the Fiandino farm uses Bruna Alpina cows which is a breed that is almost exclusively used for diary. The cows that made your cheese are treated with the upmost care. The farmers even play music at a certain frequency for the cows, which helps calm and relax them to increase milk production!

Aged for 60 days, this toma style cheese uses the coagulating power of dried thistle flowers in lieu of animal rennet, making this a true vegetarian cheese. This ancient technique is still used in some areas of the Spain and Portugal but is rare in Italy. Like Parmigiano-Reggiano, the milk used to make the cheese is cultured with whey from the previous day’s cheesemaking.

Lou Bergier Pichin Is a semi-soft cheese with a yellow, gray, and white velvety rind. Inside is a fragile, open texture of colors ranging to across butter, ivory, and gold, with tiny little eyes throughout. You’ll also notice the pungent aroma of damp cave and mushrooms. Once at room temperature, the creamy and smooth texture isare accompanied by bright and floral notes with hints of citrus. Perfect for your cheese board, this unique cheese will pair well with crisp white wines or light fruity reds.

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