Los Cameros Red Label

Los Cameros Red Label



Cheese Texture/Type:


Cheese Milk Type:

Cow, Sheep, Goat

Cheese Age:

6 months

Jesús Martínez and Justi González married in 1961 and founded Queso Los Cameros that very same year. Both of their parents made cheese at home for personal consumption and both founders learned the craft at an early age. Currently run by the four Martinez children, Los Cameros is located in La Rioja, Spain, a region well known for its wines, and also cured meats and cheeses.

This Spanish firm mixed milk cheese is aged 6 months and uses a minimum of high quality 60% cow’s milk, 20% sheep’s milk, and 6% goat’s milk collected from local farms.

While the cheese is being aged the rind is repeatedly brushed and rubbed with olive oil, lending to herbal, vegetal and peppery aromas and flavors. The paste is light yellow with small eyes. The finish is particularly interesting, reminding us of savory bay leaves. Los Cameros pairs well with dry red wines and is traditionally paired with a fruit Dulce de Membrillo, a popular Spanish paste made from quince.

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