La Dama Sagrada

La Dama Sagrada



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6-8 months

La Dama Sagrada, or 'sacred lady,' hails from Spain’s La Mancha region, where not only did many an epic battle occur between Don Quixote and countless windmills, but also where sheep’s milk Manchego cheeses rule the land. And yes, the creamery where La Dama Sagrada is made does in fact make Manchego, but it also makes this gem of a cheese from a milk brought over from a nearby Murciano goat farm in the town of Carpio de Tajo, just outside of Toledo. The goats belong to a cooperative of farmers who also are members of the dairy that makes the cheese. The cheese is aged a minimum of 6 months to accentuate its full, sweet and grassy flavor profile. It’s rare just by the fact that it’s a raw goat’s milk cheese, as even just a few years ago you didn't see too many of them imported into the US.

The outside of the La Dama Sagrada wheels look very similar to Manchego wheels, prominently displaying their basket weave texture, but this cheese’s paste is more the color of ivory. When you first open the wheel you smell the aroma of sweet, cooked curds and caramel. Since this one is aged 6-8 months, the paste is drier, and you'll find it studded with flavor crystals. La Dama’s up-front sweetness is balanced nicely with a little bit of spiciness on the finish. It will pair well with sherry or dry red wines.

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