Tarentaise Reserve

Tarentaise Reserve


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12-18 months

Spring Brook Farm was founded in Reading, Vermont the early 1990’s by the Hagedorn family. The state later licensed the farm as an independent school when an additional 188 acres were purchased for the Dormitory/Educational Facility at which time its name was changed to the Farms For City Kids ®. More about that in a minute.

Home to a wide array of livestock including more than 42 registered Jersey Holstein milking cows that produce over 600,000 pounds of milk each year, Spring Brook Farm is a 1,000 acre dairy farm that produces award-winning farmhouse cheeses. In fact, their Tarentaise cheese featured this month has won no less than 22 national and international awards to date, including the most recent honors of taking first place in the Farmstead Category Aged 60 days or more at the 2018 American Cheese Society Show, and Best of Show at the same even in 2017.

All profits from the sale of Spring Brook’s cheeses are used to support the Farms for City Kids Foundation. Founded in 1993, Farms for City Kids brings groups of children to the farm for a week so they can experience life on a working farm including caring of the animals, assisting with the cheese aging process, and making maple syrup.

Tarentaise, named after a valley in France, is aged for 12-18 months and made similar to French mountain cheeses like Beaufort and Comte so it has a similar nuttiness in the flavor profile, but it also has sweet, floral and herbaceous notes. It's a raw milk cheese and the cow's milk is pumped directly from the milking parlor right next door to the cheese making rooms. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. Overall, a well-balanced cheese with a complex flavor profile and long finish. We’d recommend grating it into omelets and frittatas, melting it over freshly steamed or blanched vegetables, or as a snaking cheese. It will pair nicely with Pinot Gris, Piesporter and Riesling, or with a malty English Brown Ale.

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