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Why not make it easy for your wedding guests to give you exceptional gifts that will arrive at your door every month! When you register with us, your guests can just call 800-625-8238, look up your registered selections, order your gift memberships, and create a personal message for your tailored Wedding Gift Announcement.

Flexibility - Each Gift Membership Can Run Consecutively

If you're curious about more than one club—you can register for as many as you like. Your wedding guests can easily check your registry and send you various club memberships. And your various wedding gift orders can easily be set up to run consecutively. For example, if your first gift order runs for three months to our cheese club, we can arrange for the second gift to arrive on the 4th month. As another option, you may opt to receive multiple gift orders on certain months... for birthdays, an anniversary or housewarming party, holidays, etc. With this option, your friends and family can be sure you continue to receive gifts long after the wedding day. They'll be delighted that they are helping you to reminisce about your wedding day at other times of celebration as well! Of course, you can establish cut off terms if you'd like to avoid ending up with 120 months of wine…But hey, 10 years of fine wine? Would that really be so bad?

Mix & Match Any of Our Clubs in a Single Gift Membership

Your guests may want to treat you to the variety offered in multiple clubs. If so, they can set up a membership that alternates between gourmet chocolate and fresh cut flowers. Or they can opt to send a six-month membership of boutique wines, gourmet cheese and microbrewed beers—two months of each service! Your wedding guests have the freedom to be limited only by their own imaginations!

Registering is Easy! - Simply Call 800-625-8238

We'll just ask you a few quick questions to make certain your registration fits your needs. And to help you keep track of your gifts and their senders, we'll send you a Wedding Gift Announcement every time a gift is purchased.

List Us in Your Registry as:

The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club - call 1-800-625-8238.